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AI startup advisor 'force multiplier' who shapes serendipity connecting and illuminating dots that matter ( aka 'The Merchant of Light' ) leveraging deep relationship capital with recognized personal brand.


Developing ‘serendipity mindset’ is active process of spotting, connecting, illuminating the dots to create smart luck where sagacity and tenacity required on follow through to create positive outcomes. 

Advise AI startups in #digitalhealth #mentalhealth #futureofwork, #augmentedintelligence, #hyperautomation, #conversationalAI #emotionAI #personality #psychedelics #XR and specialize in working with underestimated early stage AI startups.

Deliverables balance business strategy with smart execution i.e. team recruitment, product market fit, pitch guidance, close funding with operational fractional C level role for multiplexed bus dev, marketing, sales to scale smarter, faster, better.

As LifeLong ​‘Intentional Learner' for decades treat every experience as opportunity to learn with curious and growth mindset where intelligence can be nurtured, expanded, and changed over time analogous to a 'Renaissance man' with wide interests and expertise in several areas. 

Active speaker on #AugmentedIntelligence will become #futureofwork so see

Six Key Traits of Top Performers 

1. Intellectual firepower ( especially fluid intelligence )
2. Values  ( Integrity first ) 
3. Passion ( clarity and conviction ) 
4. Proactive work ethic ( team player )  
5. Authentic ( be yourself )

6. Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Can 7 questions determine how wise you are?
1. self-reflection
2. pro-social behaviors (empathy, compassion)
3. emotional regulation
4. acceptance of diverse perspectives
5. decisiveness
6. giving rational & helpful advice 
7. spirituality
I score 97% 😉

#RichardFeynman shares a secret insight into understanding vs. knowledge.

Understanding lets you transfer knowledge to new domains to progress faster with a combination of top-down and bottom-up learning or fluid intelligence because strongest careers are non-linear driven by ‘intentional learning’ and reinvention several times to adapt and stay relevant for #futureofwork

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Advisor Gigs

mindtech tool' helps Gen Z deal with life skillfully using real life context + narrative powered by #empathyAI 
Cloud-based multimodal signal analysis no code platform that automates digital biomarkers research process
Physician-Led Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Strategy and Education Advisors for Intelligence-Based Medicine™
Emotion recognition AI that works in real time
App to help you:
- Map your Work, Skills & Credentials
- Stack Citations, Wallets & Portfolios
- Filter, share & grow your value
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Virtual Reality movement that's natural and fluid
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emotion synthesis
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VR/AR neurological and brain engagement games for physical therapy and rehabilitation
Intelligent Automation with augmented intelligence
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Psychedelic-assisted therapy to create a therapeutic“psychedelic experience” for long-term positive change in one’s mental health.
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True Self Network
AI Think Tank, Knowledge Hub & Ecosystem
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More About Me

The ‘flow state’: Where creative work thrives 
Flow is an intense state that leads to a sense of ecstasy and clarity where you know exactly what you want to do from one moment to the other and some of us know how hack ‘the zone’ 😉

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Why leaders are such bad judges of character and consistently promote the wrong people
the more senior you get the better you think judging character but opposite is true and they promote "takers" even though "givers" are better performers

VCs don’t add as much value as they think

Value-add includes providing access to partners, talent, investors, customers, sharing knowledge, marketing for product development

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How to know what you really want and be free from mimetic desire?
via @lukeburgis a great read that largely defines me per key points because have lived anti-mimetic life ;-)

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More than just truth telling, honesty is a virtue to cultivate for excellence of character via @psyche_the_mag Sadly, though, honesty has gone missing in recent decades.

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Jobs taken over by robots include 'mation #Rcondescending white man’ .png

The Missing Apex of Maslow’s Hierarchy Could Save Us All 
Maslow never got around to publishing the final tier of his pyramid: self-transcendence.

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Gravitas is authenticity and understanding your real self, including deep-level thought, emotions, beliefs, values, then acting in a way that reflects
1) Be clear about what you want
2) Be open to feedback
3) Have broader conversations
4) Commit to integrity