Advise early stage AI startups ( co-founder in some) shaping serendipity to connect and illuminate the dots that matter aka 'The Merchant of Light'


Analogous to Neo-Generalist who see patterns to find connections across fields, continuously learn specialties, then apply across disciplines.


I've been intensely curious and a life long learner for decades.


Active speaker on #AugmentedIntelligence will become #futureofwork for healthcare, enterprise, HR, edtech, entertainment AR/VR, other verticals.

#RichardFeynman shares a secret insight into understanding vs. knowledge.

Understanding lets you transfer knowledge to new domains to progress faster with a combination of top-down and bottom-up learning or fluid intelligence a must have for #futureofwork

Advisor Gigs

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Bringing #AugmentedIntelligence to #MentalHealth

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