Cofounder SignalAction.AI Contextual AI for Digital Behavioral Health /

AI startup ‘force multiplier'  / Quintessential 'Merchant of Light'


Built recognized personal brand as AI startup ‘force multiplier' ( advised 25 AI startups past 7 years ) shaping serendipity to connect and illuminate the dots that matter leveraging deep relationship capital with incisive business strategy that delivers the best results.


Specialize in working with underdog, underestimated, under appreciated early stage AI startups in healthcare, mental health, enterprise, HR, edtech, AR/VR see

An ​‘Intentional Learner' for decades he treats every experience as an opportunity to learn with a curious and growth mindset where intelligence can be nurtured, expanded, and changed over time.

Active speaker whose fav topic is #AugmentedIntelligence will become #futureofwork see

Five Key Traits of Top Performers 

1. Intellectual firepower ( especially fluid intelligence )
2. Values  ( Integrity first ) 
3. Passion ( clarity and conviction ) 
4. Proactive work ethic ( team player )  
5. Authentic ( be yourself )

Creativity is intelligence having fun.
It means your brain is designed to think up new ideas, solve problems and have insightful “eureka” moments. Imagination is more important than knowledge. 

#RichardFeynman shares a secret insight into understanding vs. knowledge.

Understanding lets you transfer knowledge to new domains to progress faster with a combination of top-down and bottom-up learning or fluid intelligence a must have for #futureofwork

Advisor Gigs

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#AI in Healthcare & Pharma Virtual Summit 25 - 26 MARCH 2021 

ROUNDTABLE: Contextual AI for Digital #BehavioralHealth from SignalAction.AI

AI Innovation Circle

June 10, 2021

PANEL: Start-up Scalability & How to Drive A Successful Exit? Founder Insights 
Steve Ardire, AI Start-up Advisor / Cofounder, SignalAction.AI
Bill Reichert, Partner & Chief Evangelist, Pegasus Tech Ventures
Vibhor Gupta, Director and Founder, PangaeaData.AI*