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AI startup advisor 'force multiplier' who leverages deep relationship capital with recognized personal brand to shape serendipity and connect the dots that matter for incisive business strategy that drives smart execution to close deals to scale smarter, faster, better.

Focus areas are #biologicalAI #DTx #guthealth #wellness #mentahealth #emotionAI #augmentedintelligence, #futureofwork, #XR #psychedelics #renewableenergy and specialize in 'lean' underdog underestimated startups.

I 'walk my talk' as practitioner of FierceConversations with credibility and “unfuckwithability a state of being with sense of assuredness that defies fear, rejection, ego where outside world can't shake your core beliefs.

1. Help CEO/co founders close pre seed to Series A funding

2. Close direct sales customers and monetize reseller partners
3. Use relationship capital and personal brand to recruit people to startup team 

As LifeLong  ‘Intentional Learner' for decades I treat every experience as opportunity to learn with curious and growth mindset where intelligence can be nurtured, expanded, and changed over time analogous to a 'Renaissance man' with wide interests and expertise in several areas. 

Advisor Gigs

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Better Gut, Better You

Tier 1: Chief Business Officer
Full time: equity position + monthly retainer

Tier 2: Strategic Advisor
Part time:  $400/hr and/or equity ( 2 - 15  hrs/mo )

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Five Key Traits of Top Performers 
1. Chemistry + Authenticity

2. Critical Thinking + Judgement

3. Integrity + Empathy

4. Crystallized + Fluid Intelligence
5. Passion + Conviction

luck is the resideue of diligence.png

Richard Feynman shares a secret insight into understanding vs. knowledge.

Understanding lets you transfer knowledge to new domains to progress faster with a combination of top-down and bottom-up learning or fluid intelligence because strongest careers are non-linear driven by ‘intentional learning’ and reinvention several times to adapt and stay relevant for #futureofwork

More About Me

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The ‘flow state’: Where creative work thrives
Flow is an intense state that leads to a sense of ecstasy and clarity where you know exactly what you want to do from one moment to the other and some of us know how hack ‘the zone’ 😉

The individual’s ability to cope with uncertainty with more resilience through self-knowledge and robust emotional and cognitive flexibility in the face of disappointment and change is must have for startups or you will likely fail !

Why leaders are such bad judges of character and consistently promote the wrong people 
the more senior you get the better you think judging character but opposite is true and they promote "takers" even though "givers" are better performers

1. They're not perfectionists
2. They know how to balance work and play
3. They embrace change
4. They don't get easily distracted
5. They're empathetic
6. They know their strengths and weaknesses
7. They're self-motivated
8. They don't dwell in the past
9. They focus on the positive
10. They set boundaries

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Jobs taken over by robots include 'mation #Rcondescending white man’ .png

Gravitas is authenticity and understanding your real self, including deep-level thought, emotions, beliefs, values, then acting in a way that reflects
1) Be clear about what you want
2) Be open to feedback
3) Have broader conversations
4) Commit to integrity

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